Deiion Armor: Universal Directorz Organization Funds Multiple Projects

Deiion Armor

Deiion Armor and the Universal Directorz Organization have funded multiple projects that they are now in the process of managing. Armor serves as one of eight regional directors for the new company and is unabated by the challenges ahead. He expanded on many topics as he gave advice to various musicians and entrepreneurs at a packed event sponsored by companies such as Tunecore, Youtube, Spinrilla, Lyft, Swisher Sweets, and more.

Here is what Armor had to say concerning potential obstacles when managing projects, “There is an endless number of obstacles that can appear during the course of any project, and I have to be honest with you, to hell with what the majority says. The truth is that there is no blueprint or handbook on how to solve many of these issues. Projects can be very unpredictable, meaning that just because a technique worked for you or someone else in the past, doesn’t mean it will work again. In fact, techniques tend to become inadequate extremely fast nowadays because of the internet. This is where the team has to think critically and find unique solutions as problems arise. We’re not bothered though, we have a highly skilled team, so we welcome the tasks”. Armor went on to give out real resources to the inquiring music artists and entrepreneurs at the convention that could assist in guiding them closer to their goals.

Deiion Armor gives advice to musicians, entrepreneurs, and creatives.

You can look forward to seeing what Deiion Armor and the members of the Universal Directorz Organization brings forward as they have invested into 3 different spaces currently which are the tech space, music artists, and real estate. 2019 will be an exciting year for the UDO.

deiion armor
Deiion Armor (Regional Director) and Layjah Atoms (Content Development)



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