BE Shel Gains Support of International Directors


BE Shel has gained the support of International directors. BE Shel is a music artist hailing from Los AngelesCalifornia. He is gaining a reputation for his strong dependability, work ethic, and business sense. We have evaluated his portfolio here at the GNV and it is promising. If you want to purchase BE Shel’s music you can do so at where you will find photos, videos, music, and merchandise. The presentation is top tier and it is getting better by the day.

We were told by Lyonel Kay K Rosemond (One of the most successful A&R’s to ever work under Universal Music Group) that “We may not have seen a potential impact on the music industry from a single artist like this since Drake. This is how things are looking at this point based on the catalog of music and projected momentum. These meetings that we have concerning BE-Shel’s project consists of many veteran’s in music and we know when something special is coming across the table.”


These are very heavy words from an A&R responsible for selling over 50 million records from working with artists such as Erykah Badu, Lil Wayne, Kia Shine, Drake, and more. BE-Shel clearly has a lot going for him at this point and he doesn’t seem to be bothered by the pressure.

Everything is coming together now but BE Shel and his team still have to EXECUTE for this artist to develop into the star he is projected to be. Tune in to BE Shel by following the links below:

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